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The team of Executive Advisors at POWER NAVIGATION is led by Mark Hefner, a 35 year veteran in Strategy and Organization consulting. Mark has organized an international network of experienced professionals with successful track records of serving and leading both as line executives and consultants. Mark and members of his network have written the Strategy and Change Management methodologies, training programs and leading practices adopted by many leaders across the Industries we serve.
Power Navigation Advisors are exceptional and results-driven leaders who are committed to your success.


President & CEO

Mark is an advisor to Boards and C-Level Officers and has worked with dozens of Electric Utilities, Engineering and other Fortune 1000 Corporations. He has a track record of helping clients exceed customer expectations and grow revenue, profits and shareholder value through the development and implementation of new strategies and strategic change initiatives.



John Michel is a widely recognized expert in culture, strategy and change. An accomplished unconventional leader and proven status quo buster, John has successfully orchestrated several multi-billion dollar transformation efforts. He is a former United States Air Force Brigadier General and former Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer for MV Transportation. His articles have been featured in the Harvard Business Review and Washington Post.



Renan Gonzalez is Managing Director of P&V Consulting Group, a Latin American consulting company, which focuses on strategy development,  implementation & corporate performance management. 
Mr. Gonzalez has 20 years of international business experience working in Energy, Agriculture, Financial Services and Consumer Products Industries.



Bill Kurtzner is the Managing Partner of Util Auditors LLC and an advisor to our clients on service contract cost audits and reduction. Util Auditors specializes in the identification and correction of utility and service billing errors, and inefficiencies, across 7 operating expense categories. Cost reductions in these categories are used to finance critically important strategic initiatives or improve overall financial performance.




As an accomplished CEO with more than twenty-seven years of combined utility, human resources and executive experience, Diane Johnson has an extensive background in the utility industry. She served as CEO for Yampa Valley Electric Association, Waverly Utilities and executive at Colorado Springs Utilities. Her technical expertise is complimented by her many years of work in the HR and workforce strategy arena. Prior to her leadership in the utility industry, Diane also worked in manufacturing and healthcare.



James Coffey is an aeronautical engineer, experienced strategy consultant and executive coach with over 30 years of experience working with energy industry clients involving strategy execution, organizational development, culture change and performance management.




Don Ryder is former CFO of Fidelity Investments and Managing Director of the Palladium Group. He is an exceptional strategy management advisor, consultant and instructor with over thirty years experience. He has worked over the last 10 years with Electric Utility Clients to help them develop internal capabilities to develop and execute strategy.

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