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Our relationship-based business model makes it easy to work with us on either a monthly retainer or project specific fixed fee contract. We’ve worked with some of the best companies in the industries we serve and help our clients get the results they are after. We are fortunate to work with great clients, and invite you to become one of our valued client relationships.  We guarantee your results and will not lock you into a long term contract.  If you are not happy with the value you are receiving you can cancel your arrangement with us at any time.



Monthly Retainer

Defined strategic services to fit your specific situations, meet your challenges and deliver results

Retained services are customized for each client based on their situation and need. The targeted retainer typically includes a set of services to be delivered and results to be achieved over an agreed time frame, typically one year. Time commitments and retainer fees are determined by the scope of services and results included in the targeted retainer agreement. Retained services agreements can be canceled with 30 days notice if our client does not feel they are receiving great value.

Strategic Initiative Based Agreement

Partnering to deliver results on time and on budget

Our clients also have the option to work with us on a more traditional project basis. In this case our clients contract with us on a fixed fee, project by project basis to help drive results from your strategic initiatives. These agreements typically include assistance with strategic initiatives ranging from business case development, visioning and realization goal setting to program/project planning, organization change management to full -time on-site project management.

Regardless of the relationship based model you choose, our rates are very competitive and are flexible in terms of your financial processes and needs.



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