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Our Purpose   Vision   Values

PURPOSE: Help Electric Utilities, their board, their leaders, their people, and their customers/members to be more successful, happy and safe

VISION: To be the best leadership advisory, strategy and culture management firm serving Electric Utilities, measured by value delivered and client satisfaction. 

VALUES: Helping others, delivering exceptional value, building trusted relationships, innovation and change, quality of life and personal integrity.


Power Navigation is a dedicated group of seasoned energy industry senior executives, consultants, advisors, and educators who are committed to help you successfully lead and manage the many challenges you face.

Energy Efficiency Consultation
Wind Turbines on Water


The top 10 challenges facing your industry in 2019

1. Developing a new generation of leaders

2. Economically modernizing the aging electric grid 

3. Increasing use of renewables and distributed energy    4. Business model and member value innovation

5. Adding and integrating broadband for members​​

6. Digital transformation leveraging enabling technology

7. Cyber security and protecting member private data

8. Planning for carbon and renewable legislation

9. Changing member & employee demographics

10. Managing strategy and culture in rapidly changing  environment


Through our Partner Util Auditors, we can help you identify and capture significant cost savings from your external providers of supplies and services SO YOU CAN RE-ALLOCATE  cost savings toward funding strategic initiatives. We provide a no cost, no risk up front audit that will identify your cost savings opportunities.

Energy Savings Calculator
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We coach and train you and your team in the most effective and powerful proven practices on leadership, strategy management, organization change management, innovation, and culture development so you build capabilities and self sufficiency among your management team.




Discover Our Expertise

We help you lead your Energy Company to higher levels of performance. We partner with you to deliver high impact advisory, consulting and training services.


Board and Senior Team Meeting Facilitation

Quickly Build Alignment & Commitment:

  • ​​Board Director Effectiveness

  • Succession Planing

  • Scenario Planning

  • Futures/Moonshot Brainstorming 

  • Crisis/Problem Resolution 

  • Governance Improvement

  • Executive Education  

  • Accelerated Strategy Development

  • Strategy Execution Process

  • Leadership to Execute Strategy

  • Managing Corporate Culture

  • Leading Change

  • Coaching, Training and Tools



Innovation Process, Organization Change Management, Culture Development

Supporting Leaders of Change:

  • ​​Developing New Business Models

  • Implementing Innovation Management

  • Building Commitment to Change Objectives

  • Strategy & Change Communications

  • Building Critical Mass Momentum

  • Increasing Employee Engagement

  • Social Engineering

  • Customer Centric Innovation Design

  • Culture Design, Measurement & Change

  • Culture Health Assessment 

  • * CulturSys Management Software *(Through our Alliance with CulturSys, Inc.) 

  • Merging Cultures

  • Coaching, Training and Tools


Client Testimonials

Power Navigation has been an invaluable resource to our system. With Mark's help and leadership, we introduced a new approach to strategy execution to our Board and Senior Staff, and it's already driving improved outcomes. Mark's strategy expertise, industry knowledge, deep facilitation skills, and broad experience in leadership development have delivered real concrete value to our cooperative. We heartily recommend Mark to others in our industry looking for a strategic coach and counselor.

Tim Sullivan



Wright-Hennepin Cooperative


Harvard Business Publishing

Leading Practices of Strategy Execution and Post Merger Integration 

This 2010 publication still provides some of the best insights to

managing major changes associated with Strategy Execution and Merger Integration. The authors, Robert Kaplan, Tom Hall, Patricia Jaar Watson, David McMillan and Mark Hefner share success stories that are as applicable today as they were 10 years ago.

Balanced Scorecard Report STRATEGY & EXECUTION  by

Robert S Kaplan,Tom Hall, Patricia Jaar Watson, David McMillan and Mark Hefner

This issue of the Balanced Scorecard Report contains the following articles: "Leading Change with the Strategy Execution System" by Robert S. Kaplan; "Advancing Strategy-and Postmerger Integration-Through the Strategy Execution Infrastructure at Merck & Co." by Tom Hall and Patricia Jaar Watson; "The Top Ten Attributes of Effective Leaders" by Mark B. Hefner; and "Five Pitfalls to Avoid When Writing Performance Analysis" by David McMillan.

A sound strategy management process and visionary leadership: these are the two universal characteristics of the more than 140 organizations that have won a place in the Palladium Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame for Executing Strategy over the past 10 years. But if leadership is a prerequisite of successful strategy execution, why do so many organizations leave it to chance? Although many leaders are natural born, leadership can be cultivated


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